Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Cockroaches come both big and small, and most of them come through our apartment. So far we've found them: on the wall, on the floor, by the front door waiting for us when we come home, in the sink, and in the stove. I kill them all with little remorse. How much pity can you take on a creature that can live for several weeks without its head?



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The Gorbott said...

just don't get bed bugs man! and don't let the roaches in your ears! i heard a radio program all about that. it has made me so hesitant to live in brooklyn. bed bugs and roaches.

mrs. everything said...

love that costume so much. Roaches are not too bad compared to bedbugs, seriously be grateful. My mom once got a roach in her ear- it was AWFUL and traumatic for the whole family so Quinn is right, don't let that happen.
At least they can't survive a nuclear holocaust.

ashmae said...

on my mission the cockroaches loved the microwave, when we turned it on they would run around in circles inside. what hideous and fascinating creatures. good luck with that.

darcie said...

which begs the question...how do you kill a cockroach?

Dani said...

Oh that's so gross. :(